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Turkish Towels by Atribe Co.


100% Cotton | Eco-Friendly | Natural | Versatile | Harmless | Economical | Sand-Free | Odorless | Lightweight | Absorbent | Super Soft | A Class
Atribe Peshtemals Are 100% Authentic as the Garment Labels Indicate!!
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Peshtemal towels can be used as a beach or bath towel, blanket, scarf, yoga mat, , rug, body wrap, home decor, travel towel, tapestry and more. They are cotton loomed and weaved. Size of the Turkish towels approximately 35x70 but it might vary depending on the design and weaving.
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How to care for Turkish towels?

They are very easy to take care of! The peshtemals can be machine or hand washed. You can dry them in the dryer with no problem. However, suggested way is to hang dry them to maintain the softness. Turkish cotton intends to be very strong as a material. So the quality will never go away.
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What are Turkish Towels?

The first Turkish Hammams, or public baths, were built in the 14th century, drawing on inspiration from Roman baths. Hammams include hot steam rooms and offered relaxation, socialization, and getting rid of toxins for a number of health benefits. Therefore visitors needed something to cover their private area also when needed dry themselves with a towel that is highly absorbent yet lightweight. This is when the invention of peshtemal happened. 
In the 17th century, royals and their friends and family wanted the peshtemal with a more intricate design so hired weavers to create the unique patterns and styles by hand on looming tablets. The design and colors are woven into the towel often indicated which region the people were from. This tradition continues today and is part of what makes enjoying the Turkish Towel or peshtemal so special; not only is it a stylish and functional lifestyle accessory, but it’s also a longstanding element of Turkish culture and history.
All our Turkish peshtemal towels are Authentic/made in Turkey
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