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About Us

About My Atribe Turkish Peshtemal Store 

Atribe, Our journey began in 2016 as an e-commerce website and Since then we try to bring the best quality items at best prices possible. Atribe has been a center of many trendy ecommerce prdocuts! In 2016 we started as a jewelry and watch company then as our business grew we began to explore other items around the world. When we visited Turkey in 2017 and found out the Turkish peshtemal and how versatile they are! Fortunately we got a lot of help from family members to bring these great quality Turkish towel into USA. 

Who We Are?

We are a family owned and operated company since 2016. The name Atribe envolved from a big tribe in central Asia and we have been including many different symbols and icons from that tribe into our business logo and graphics.
Our Turkish towels are real and made in Turkey by Anatolians experts. All the peshtemal blankets have the original label which indicates where is it made and what is it made out of. We have seen fake towels without labels. Therefore, My Turkish Peshtemal Store works all transparent and honest with the customers.