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Where To Buy Original Turkish Towels?

June 13, 2018


Where To Buy Original Turkish Towels?

Where To Buy Original Turkish Towels? Yes, that is the question of the month! As the popularity of the Turkish hammam towels or known as peshtemal beach bath foutas growing really fast, It raises one question  " Where To Buy Original Turkish Towels? ". We all know that when I good product becomes a number one choice of customers at online and retail stores, Some companies intend to make the fake ones at a low quality. Because of some sellers on those giant e-commerce websites, ( you know who they are ).Who can pretend that they are selling the real stuff, But when it comes to proving they usually disregard the question or give an uncertain answer to buyers. I have literally seen an answer goes like this; I don't really know where it's made but the style is Turkish :). That's the most unreliable answer I have ever seen when it comes to retail! First of all, what is real Turkish towel?

  1. Cotton weigh can't be 2 or 3 or even 8oz, Because it won't be absorbent and that's not how Turkish people make them!
  2. The factory label has be on the product ( factory label which states where it made and what it is made with!
  3. It should not be hard or hash feeling when touched. 
  4. Natural cotton is necessary.

By the way, some questions on these platforms answered by other people, Well it could be a friend, relative or someone with no knowledge about the towel saying all that stuff. So do not get fooled! Turkish style weaving will not have any space in the looming or won't be hard to touch! 

Let's talk about Where To Buy Original Turkish Towels? 

Big e-commerce sites are questionable when it comes to Authentic Turkish peshtemal towel. Therefore we can recommend Atribe Turkish towel online store.

We provide the real Turkish beach and bath towels. All made in Turkey with 100% natural cotton that includes hand-loomed fringe style towels. Atribe is an online e-commerce site that is located in USA with local inventory. These towels are 35x70 or 37.5 x 70 inches or 59 inches in round beach towels. The peshtemal towels are super soft, absorbent, durable and sand repellent. There are lot more benefits of having a genuine Turkish towel. It would be the best if you check it out yourself rather than spending the time to go over all the details here. In addition to that, All our Turkish towels buy and get Free shipping in USA, So ydon'tont have to spend extra on the delivery. There is a huge collection such as ethnic, boho, striped, mandala and more. Those also come in hammam and round shapes. Our peshtemal towels are 100% harmless to human skin as well. Let's look at some samples ha?
These are just the small sample of our collection. There a big color and design options on our website, We always say, "There is a peshtemal for everybody".Please go ahead and check out this beautiful Turkish towels.