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Where can I buy turkish towels?

June 04, 2018

Where can I buy turkish towels?

Where can I buy Turkish towels?

Turkish towels popularity has risen to the top, Therefore the demand for it increased accordingly. They are great quality and soft towels, Fouta or known as peshtemal hammam towels are flat and usually striped or patterned towels, Most Turkish peshtemals are 100% cotton loomed and made in Turkey with fringes. If you want the real deal and quality it's better to purchase the one that was made in mother county of the product which is Turkey! So, depending on if you like to buy the items for retail or wholesale purposes? There are many options to go with. Atribe offers a huge selection on Turkish towels in terms of design or color. Our collection includes boho, modern, ethnic towels in traditional or round shapes.

Here is a simple beach towel striped design towel, They are very useful in usage. Since patterns offer a choice to be bath or beach peshtemal. However, they are also great home decor accent as well. Also, peshtemal towel blankets are sand repellent and very absorbent. So you can do your yoga on the sand now without dealing with the sand being on your towel. In addition to that, they dry really fast without any odor. So even if you leave them vet and used, they will not smell bad. Atribe Turkish towels have all these features and provide great service and price on all Turkish towels with Free shipping. 

 Here is one of our mandala ethnic design peshtemal. It's a very fashionable and attractive towel and also used as a tapestry. In addition to that, they come in many different colors and other pattern options. These are year around foutas, where it can even be a blanket if the weather is little cold. You can cover yourself on beach or in the house.

This is a very unique design for a peshtemal towel. Which allows fouta to be a seasonal scarf, throw or even a spa waistcloth. Cotton is a breathable and very soft material. Therefore it would not bother the neck when it's being used as a fashion accessory scarf. For more info on Turkish peshtemal towels please click here.