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Read Before You Buy Turkish Towels On Amazon & The Reasons Why?

Turkish Towels On Amazon?

Amazon is the place to find low prices products and we all know that. On the other hand, Turkish towels are something that you need to pay attention when buying them. First of all, Turkish towels or any other towels you buy it's directly getting in contact with your skin. You want to make sure that dye and the material are safe! Let's talk about this! What are you paying for the Turkish or Chinese towel? Turkish peshtemal towels must have a label, Which tells you where it is made and what it is made with! Some sellers might include in their description that item has loomed with Turkish style. That does not mean it was made in Turkey! The REAL peshtemal towels are made in Turkey not somewhere else. Since Turkey is the mother country or the origin of the Turkish towel. However just to make sure ask your seller that if they can show you the proof of item origin invoice, If they can not that means you paying for a fake peshtemal. Which is very sad! Because there are not much of a difference in prices If not fake ones more expensive. One more thing we also need to consider that quality of the cotton! There are many types of cotton material out there and you want to make sure you get A class quality NATURAL cotton. How to know? Simply touch and fell it. If it feels hard or harsh you might be looking at a C class or known as low-grade cotton. Which is not going to last long. 

What is the benefit of buying Turkish towels?

Turkish peshtemal foutas are the high quality items you might even want to call it luxury towels. They are pretty much the best beach and bath towels, In terms of softness, durability, absorbency and more. If I may add they are also sand repellent ( free) and quick and odorless drying products. Let see some examples of Turkish towels that are MADE IN TURKEY:)

turkish round beach towels real genuine online store usa

This is a new trend Turkish round beach towel, Which is perfect for the loved ones to share a towel together and be happy. It is an oversized large size peshtemal and you will love using it.

turkish peshtemal beach towels real the best genuine online store usa

Beautiful is it not? Bohemian style Turkish pattern towels for everybody. There is always a right peshtemal for you. These are also used at the beach as a yoga mat towel and you don't have to worry about dealing with sand later on.

turkish bath peshtemal towels real the best quality genuine online store usa Here we have a gorgeous bathroom or beach towel. Which are an eye candy and an art piece. Peshtemal towels are super absorbent and very lightweight towels. Which is also great for a bathroom or home decor throw.


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